How to take care of jewelry? Here are two tips to collect

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In many countries across the world right now, jewelrykg is the jewelry of preference for the metropolitan white-collar class. Jewelrykg is popular among celebrities due to its fashionable posture and design. The jewelrykg brand is committed to the growth and dissemination of diamond cultur

As a professional jewelry brand, Jewelrykg specializes in jewelry. For example, Jewelrykg has her own unique ideas on how to take care of jewelry:

   1. Clean regularly

         Jewelry needs to be cleaned regularly according to its characteristics, such as a diamond ring, usually once a week; Jewelry that isn't worn very often needs to be cleaned once or twice a year. Clean jewelry can be sent to a jewelry store, or you can make your own adjustment solution to wash.

   2. Keep it safe

         When not in use, you can put jewelry in jewelry boxes, especially expensive jewelry. This has the advantage of avoiding nicks in jewelry. As well as safekeeping, jewelry is regularly inspected. The general frequency of inspection is once a year, mainly to see jewelry damage, deformation, surface integrity, and so on.

         Jewelrykg launched Wholesale Jewelry sales model, which is very new and unique. The model is sold by weight, with jewelry randomly mixed and then sold. Compared to the conventional wholesale model, this is very good.