The development of overseas cross-border e-commerce jewelry

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Light asset entrepreneurship is the first choice of many people, and jewelry just happens to be the necessity of life for the vast majority of girls who love beauty

As we all know, the jewelry category is just in need of products, with no seasonality, the advantages are light weight, high-profit products, and freight cheap advantages. Because of this, jewelry has become the first choice of jewelrykg sea category, cross-border e-commerce sellers to see product sales trends in the past, and then seize the peak season, can better promote their sales.

The growth of high sales, cannot leave the following reason:

  1. Major brands and sellers are adopting multi-channel sales strategies, including multiple online sales channels
  2. Social media platforms have successively introduced shopping functions to make it easier for brands to display their products on such platforms, which has promoted the rise of social media e-commerce.
  3. The popularity of fast fashion has also greatly increased the demand for "low-end" accessories, such as jewelry, which consumers search for every day to buy at a reasonable price, thus driving the growth of the e-commerce market.

Amazon is a one-time consumer, pay more attention to building a product list, building bursts, and ignoring the store itself.

On the contrary, the independent station is to make the brand bigger and more famous, pay more attention to building the brand, and customer precipitation, and have a steady stream of repeat customers and secondary marketing methods.

This is the difference between Amazon and standalone. E-commerce and Amoy are more to cultivate new customers, rather than old customers.

Consumers in your independent station, more want to know what you do what is the story behind this brand, and what is your cultural background. When you go to build an independent station brand, you have to go an in-depth understanding of other people's independent stations is how to do, learn to understand the level of product selling points, good at finding other products missing things, which need to optimize.

Then according to their own characteristics to collect data, fine operation, and make their content as close as possible to the customer's mind, this is the secret of the success of Wholesale Jewelry. Knowing your customers, clearing their brand positioning, do not drift, is the first rule of survival.