Want to know how to save silver jewelry is the best solution?

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Compared with some expensive jewelry, silver jewelry use rate is high, and the sales market is large, the price is not expensive, but the product style is more, favored by young girls. The plasticity of silver jewelry is more able to cater to the needs of the majority of consumers, including low- and middle-income groups, and the pursuit of fashion consumers, including no shortage of high-income groups, the market has broad prospects. But silver jewelry after a long time, there will be yellowing, darkening, darkening phenomenon. The more sterling silver it is, the more obvious this change is.

So how to preserve it, Jewelrykg recommends the following methods.

Take Jewelrykg silver jewelry as an example, because most of it is sterling silver, and because there are many styles and many purchases each time, it causes many silver pieces of jewelry not to be worn for a long time, and there are problems such as yellowing and blackening. Therefore it is especially important to choose the right treatment method for it.

In fact, first, silver jewelry must be worn often. Second, if the silver jewelry is more, too late to wear, then use a small box or small bag with sealed packaging.

Secondly, if there is more silver jewelry to wear, you can use a small box or pouch to seal the package. Furthermore, if the silver jewelry is not sealed in time and has changed, you can use silver washing liquid or silver washing paper, of course, white vinegar can also be used. However, you must rinse it off with water after rubbing it.

For Wholesale Jewelry buyers, hoarding is relatively small, but to prevent problems before they occur, they must also master some preservation techniques to ensure that their goods are always shiny and bright!