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As for Lin Xiao, Lin Dong didn't have much to worry about. When he left, he not only secretly handed over many powerful martial arts to his father, but also took out the two advanced amulets in his hands.

As for Lin Xiao, Lin Dong didn't have much to worry about. When he left, he not only secretly handed over many powerful martial arts to his father, but also took out the two advanced amulets in his hands. With these cards, Lin Dong believed that the separation of Yancheng in the future would inevitably grow up. Dad, Pteroceltis tatarinowii, take care! Lin moved gently murmured, and finally withdrew his eyes, slowly closed his eyes, he knew that even in order to be able to let his father have a stable development in the Great Yan Dynasty, he must also successfully obtain the quota to participate in the Hundred Dynasties War, only in that way, he can really leave at ease! The imperial city, the most noble city of the Great Yan Dynasty, not to mention the illusory super sect, at least on the surface, the royal family is the well-known master of the Great Yan Dynasty, and the imperial city, of course, is also the most magnificent existence of this Dynasty! The imperial city is located in the east of Dayan County, just far away from Lincheng. Although the scale of Lincheng is similar to that of the imperial city, to some extent, it is still inferior to the imperial city. After all, no matter how, for the master of the Dayan Dynasty, the Lin clan still maintains some taboos. Smart clans can truly pass on. However, whether it is the royal family or the Lin clan,polyfoil tube, or the other three clans and those who have a pivotal position in the Dayan Dynasty, for the upcoming seed selection, are extremely important, because everyone knows the importance of participating in the Hundred Dynasties War, no matter who, as long as they can succeed in the Hundred Dynasties War by those super sects, they will be Then it is not only himself who is blessed, but also the sect and even the Dynasty of his origin! In the history of the Dayan Dynasty, there were some things that were favored by the super sects, which made the power of its source soar. It is said that as one of the three major sects of the Great Yan Dynasty,plastic laminated tube, Tianluo Sect was only an unknown small sect a hundred years ago, but it was this small sect that produced a peerless genius in that year, and finally succeeded in obtaining the qualification of seed selection, and then stood out and got the quota to participate in the Hundred Dynasties War. Of course, the most important thing is that this peerless genius, but also in the performance of the Hundred Dynasties War, was eventually valued by a super sect, from then on, Tianluo Sect rose strongly, in a short period of one hundred years, directly became one of the three sects of the Great Yan Dynasty, its strength is no weaker than the four clans! Thus, this seed selection, for these forces is how important, in order to be able to successfully obtain the quota, these forces, will inevitably send out the real genius! These geniuses are the peak of the younger generation of the whole Dayan Dynasty. They are the geniuses who stand out from the number of tens of millions. If you want to defeat these geniuses and finally succeed in getting the only five places, even for Lin Dong, there is a lot of pressure. Compared with the seed selection, tube lip gloss ,eye cream packaging tube, the battle of the release has a little taste of pediatrics. From Lin Cheng to the imperial city, the way consumed two days, and in these two days, Lin Dong is also from Lin Fan there, got all the information about the selection of the front son. From this information, he knew that although the seed selection, almost the entire Dayan Dynasty ranked clans or sects will send the strongest of the younger generation, but he needs to worry, according to Lin Fan, there are five forces. The royal family, the Wang clan, and the three most powerful sects of the Great Yan Dynasty, the Tianluo Sect, the Great Mercy Valley, and the Barbarian King Sect! These five forces, have the genius, the degree of terror, no weaker than Lin Langtian! It can be seen that this seed selection is bound to be a real world-shaking war! Chapter 373 a gathering of geniuses. Two days later, Lin Dong followed the troops of the Lin clan, arrived at the imperial city smoothly, and then stopped in the imperial city for three days. During these three days, Lin Dong also roughly learned the magnificence and dignity of the legendary imperial city. But this leisurely rest, in the third day, is completely declared broken, Lin looked at Lin Fan suddenly dignified and even nervous face, he knew that the seed selection will begin. In the three days, one after another with some famous big Yan Dynasty big sect people came, which is also ignited the atmosphere of the imperial city, although the seed selection is a more internal thing, but there is no impermeable wall, some people calculate time, also can guess, can these respectively sitting in the big Yan Dynasty each county big sect is attracted at the same time, Apart from the most high-standard "seed selection" in the legendary Dayan Dynasty, what else can there be? As soon as these views spread, it undoubtedly became the hottest topic in the whole imperial city in an instant. Everyone was discussing the seed selection with great interest. What kind of clans and sects could get the quota? At the same time, the famous geniuses in all forces were also dug out one by one, and then commented on their strength, trying to get a glimpse of it. Anyway, Lin Dong only knew that this was regarded by Lin Fan as a secret seed selection, which had already been widely spread in the imperial city. This trip, Lin Fan did not take too many people, only took Lin Dong, Lin Langtian and a few more outstanding clan strong, and then swept to the palace. Seed selection place, located in the depths of the palace, under that heavy guard, only those big forces, just qualified to enter, of course, the number of people entering, is also strictly limited, after all, is in the palace, there must be some rules. When Lin Dong and his party arrived at the depths of the palace, there were already a lot of forces, Lin Fan was not surprised to lead Lin Dong and others, occupied a seat. By this time, Lin Dongfang had time to look at the field ahead, which was a very large and magnificent temple,pump tube, but strangely, there were dozens of passages around the temple, which went deep into the temple. emptycosmetictubes.com