Golden Pen Dian Long Ji-Wolong Sheng _ txt Novel Paradise

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"That's it," said Tang Lan. Let's go! I'll show you the way. Yu Xiufan said, "I should return the sword to the girl."

"That's it," said Tang Lan. Let's go! I'll show you the way. Yu Xiufan said, "I should return the sword to the girl." Tang Lan reached out to take it and walked to the layman. "I'll go, too," said Huahua Concubine. Tang Lan shook her head and said, "You'd better not go. That's a very dangerous thing." "If I don't go, I won't have a chance to live, will I?" Asked Huahua Fei Zi. Tang Lan smiled and said, "But at least you can die comfortably." Yu Xiufan said, "You two seem to have no confidence in me at all." "No," said Tang Lan. You are no match for the Lord of Creation. Even, there is no need to create the Lord of the city. Yu Xiufan said, "If that girl goes with me, she'll be dead." "Yes," said Tang Lan! If I want to live, I won't go with you. Concubine Hua took two quick steps to catch up with Tang Lan and said, "Miss Tang, let me go with you."! I will prove one thing to the Lord of Creation. "Prove what?" Asked Tang Lan. "I'll show him," said Concubine Hua Hua. "He always thinks that the most cowardly man dares to face death." "I didn't expect you to have such courage," said Tang Lan. Step forward to the layman. Tang Lan took the lead, Yu Xiufan, with six golden needles in his body,tannic acid astringent, walked in the middle, and Hua Hua Fei Zi walked at the end. After turning two corners, I saw two big men in red with wide knives standing side by side in the rain road, blocking the way. Tang Lan smiled faintly and said, "Do you two know me?" "Lord Tang Duan," said the big man in red on the left. Dare to leave the jurisdiction of Tang Lan. "Then let us pass," said Tang Lan. The two big men in red looked at each other and got out of the way. Tang Lan stepped past the two men in red. The two big men in red had four eyes fixed on Yu Xiufan, who was walking with difficulty,akba boswellic acid, and said: "Is this Yu Xiufan?" "Not bad," said Tang Lan. What are your comments? The big man in red on the left said, "This boy has fine skin and tender flesh. How can he hurt so many masters of my creation?" "It's a pity," said Tang Lan. "He's got a golden needle. Otherwise, you two can try it." With a sneer, the big fellow on the left suddenly stretched out his right hand and grabbed Yu Xiufan's ear. He said coldly, "With your virtue, how can you beat us?" Tang Lan said, "Although he is very gentle and beautiful, his sword moves are very fierce." The big fellow on the left pulled it with his hand and said, "Yu Xiufan!"! You are really a bold boy. However, if you walk too much at night, you will always meet ghosts. This time, you will be in trouble if you can't finish eating. "That's enough," said Tang Lan. "Don't torment him any more. It's up to the castellan to decide what to do." The big man in red on the left let go of Yu Xiufan's ears and said, "Lord Tang, saw palmetto extract ,fenugreek saponins, how about we cut off his two ears?" "Why?" Asked Tang Lan. "Wouldn't it be too easy for him to see the Lord with his whole face?" Asked the man in red. "No," said Tang Lan. "I'll catch him alive with a whole head and a whole face. Naturally, I'll take him to see the Lord with a whole head and a whole face." Although the big man in red was not high in status, he was not a direct subordinate of Tang Lan. He smiled and said, "Lord Tang Duan, let's do this. How about I cut two knives in this boy's face?" "I don't agree," said Tang Lan. The big man in red grinned and said, "This boy's face is so beautiful. What do you think of Tang Duan Zhu?" "Do you dare to be so rude to me?" Asked Tang Lan. "I dare not, I dare not," said the man in red! We're just talking. The big man in red on the left suddenly raised his hand, and the knife flashed straight across Yu Xiufan's face. As soon as Yu Xiufan closed his eyes, he stood still. He had already put the matter of life and death aside. He had destroyed his face and did not care about it. Tang Lan raised her right hand and grabbed the back of the knife with two fingers. "What are you going to do?" She said coldly. The big man in red said, "I've thought about it. If we don't leave anything behind, how can we make our brothers willing?" Tang Lan smiled and said, "Go and ask Master Duan to come out." The big man in red shook his head and said, "No, we are very busy.". ” Yu Xiufan said to himself, It seems that there are a lot of contradictions in this city of creation. Every time you go deeper, you become a confidant of the Lord of Creation. Tang Lan's face changed and she said, "You two are not my subordinates, but you shouldn't be so rude to me." The big man in red smiled and said, "Lord Tang, every section has its own rules. Lord Tang probably doesn't understand that." Tang Lan suddenly smiled coquettishly and said, "You two are really bold!" Suddenly, both hands raised and attacked the two men separately. She moved quickly, and in a flash of gold, both of them snorted at the same time and fell down. The two men were holding long knives in the middle, but they had no chance to raise the long knives in their hands, and they had fallen down. Tang Lan's movement is very quick, both hands ten fingers, one stretch one grasp, already two will fall down the corpse to grasp, slowly two corpses, to lean against the wall. Yu Xiufan heaved a sigh of relief and said, "So this golden needle can be used as a weapon." Tang Lan smiled faintly and said, "Well, that makes you laugh at Shaoxia Yu." Although she spoke with ease, there was a look of tension in her expression. Obviously, there was a great tension in her heart. Yu Xiufan turned his eyes, glanced at the bodies of the two big men in red, and stepped forward. Tang Lan's expression was cold and solemn. She turned sideways, overtook Yu Xiufan, and walked quickly forward. Inside the mountainside, there were twists and turns on a large scale, and sometimes there was light from the sky. Obviously, within the stone belly, it is not far from the cliff. Even turned three turns, the line of more than ten Zhangs, unexpectedly did not see the person who stopped. Tang Lan slowed down her pace and looked back at the flower imperial concubine who was about eight feet behind her. She raised her hand and moved. The flower imperial concubine walked quickly. "Have you ever been back here?" Tang Lan whispered. Concubine Hua nodded and said,ghana seed extract, "I've been here.". But now the situation is completely different. "How long have you been here?" Tang Lan said in a low voice. "That was two years ago," said Concubine Hua Hua. "When I came, there were a lot of guards in this place." 。