Great Chinese medicine

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Then Song Hao specially accompanied the river to watch the construction site of Tianyitang, which was under

Then Song Hao specially accompanied the river to watch the construction site of Tianyitang, which was under intensive construction, and then took a bus to Wansongling to inspect the Chinese herbal medicine base of Baicao Garden. Looking all the way down, the river was amazed. Mr. Song, you should be the CEO of Tianyitang in the future. I will call you General Manager Song. I didn't expect that you could make Tianyitang so traditional. Traditional Chinese medicine is really going to be carried forward in Tianyitang! The river said admiringly. We will build a Tianyitang Pharmaceutical Factory in the near future. In the future, Tianyitang Pharmaceutical will be a real Chinese medicine, and with the platform of Tianyitang Medical Museum, we will not make any advertisements, so that patients can automatically accept it. Really good medicine does not need to be advertised. Song Hao smiled faintly. General Manager Song, I'm more interested in you than Tianyitang! The river said earnestly. With the addition of the river, the somewhat chaotic status quo of Tianyitang was changed, and everything began to proceed in an orderly manner. A month later, in the eastern suburb of Baihe Town, Tianyitang requisitioned a piece of land, and Tianyitang Pharmaceutical Factory officially started construction. During this period, Shangqing Temple sent two middle-aged Taoist priests with excellent medical skills, without dust and moon, dressed as laymen, to join the Tianyi Hall to receive treatment. At the same time,plastic pallet supplier, there was an old Taoist priest who was said to be able to know all the medicines in the world. Song Hao asked him to go to Wansongling to help Qiu Ru run the Herb Garden. Song Zihe cured the stubborn illness of the boss of an imported medical equipment company. The man named Deng Tongsheng was very grateful and presented Tianyitang with a batch of expensive diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, which made these Chinese medicine doctors who knew the disease by hand feel useless. At this time, the new building of Tianyitang was completed, so they had to move in first to enrich some departments. After the completion of the twelve-story Tianyitang building, it was put into use, and the old building was bulldozed into a square. The personnel appointment of Tianyitang has also been formally implemented. Song Hao was elected as the executive president and general practitioner of Tianyitang, Jiang He as the general manager and executive director,plastic trash bins, Tang Yu as the business director and department doctor, in charge of Tianyitang Pharmaceutical, and Luo Feiying as the assistant general manager and department doctor. Song Zihe, Lin Fengyi, Ye Chengshun and Wu Qiguang are the directors of each department. At this time, Xiao Boran's recommendation of the pediatric master Zhang Party a also arrived. This man is more than sixty years old, tall and thin, with a goatee, thick eyebrows and thin eyes. He has a unique appearance. He is good at treating pediatric diseases and is famous. I don't know how Xiao Boran invited him out of the mountain, but he abandoned his private clinic and came to Tianyitang alone from a southern city. Lin Feng-yi and Wu Chi-kuang had heard of his name, and when they saw him today, they were pleasantly surprised and praised Song Hao for his ability to recruit people. As soon as he arrived, he was appointed Director of Pediatrics of Tianyitang. "Jiuwei Xiaofeng Powder" is the first prescription selected from "Qifang Yanchao", which has been clinically verified by Song Zihe and Lin Fengyi, mobile garbage bin ,collapsible pallet box, and has the same magical effect as that recorded by Ding Fengjie. After submitting to the National Medical Products Administration for approval of production, it became the first variety of traditional Chinese medicine of Tianyitang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. With the completion of the construction of the pharmaceutical factory, it will soon be put into large-scale production. At the suggestion of the river, Tianyitang opened an inpatient department to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of patients from afar. A procurement department was set up to purchase authentic medicinal materials by professionals. At this time, after six months of preparation, Qiuru's Herb Garden also began to supply some medicinal materials to Tianyitang. Song Zihe, Lin Fengyi, Song Hao and others regarded the herbs of the Herb Garden as the best of the herbs, and if there were herbs of the Herb Garden in the prescriptions, most of them were reassuring about the curative effect of the prescriptions, which proved to be true. As a result, the medicine produced by the Herb Garden was not allowed to flow out, and was only used in the outpatient clinic of the Heaven Medical Hall. Even the pharmaceutical company can't get it for the time being. Tianyitang has entered the track of rapid development, and everything naturally develops according to Song Hao's wishes. On this day, Song Hao treated the patients in his consulting room, which was full of patients who came to see the doctor. Everyone looked at the young president of Tianyitang in front of them, but he was treating the patients in person, and he was full of admiration. At this time, Jianghe walked in with a startled look on his face. Separating the patients waiting for treatment, he went to Song Hao's desk and whispered in his ear, "Song Zong, there is an overseas Chinese who has returned from overseas and claims to be a doctor of medicine. He wants to see you by name.". I have the meaning of applying for Tianyitang. I said that our Tianyitang is a medical institution with the nature of traditional Chinese medicine, and it does not recruit Western medicine. The man said he wanted to see you. ” "Oh!"! If there is a superhuman ability in Western medicine, Tianyitang will also recruit itself. Any medicine that can save lives does not distinguish between Chinese and Western medicine. You entertain the other party first, and I'll go there as soon as I finish my work. Song Hao said. The river nodded and turned away. A medical doctor returning from overseas! I also want to apply for Tianyitang. This man is a little interesting. Song Hao muttered in his heart. When Song Hao finished dealing with the patient, it was already more than two o'clock in the afternoon. Remembering that there was still a guest to see, he got up to go to the reception room. As soon as the door opened, Tang Yu and the river came in. Song Hao, a doctor of Western medicine has come to apply for Tianyitang. Tang Yu also said with surprise on his face. What's so great about a doctor? When it comes to the level, which one of them, Mr. Wu, is not at the level of a doctor, and is even better. Song Hao laughed. Something's wrong. Listen to me. I just saw the certificate of this man, and I was shocked. The title of double doctor, the omnipotence of surgery, is the authority of thoracic and cerebral surgery. Tang Yu said. Shui Mingyang, the chief surgeon of several famous hospitals in Europe, has arrived! In the overseas medical community, known as the "water knife", I also know his true identity. Said the river. Such a background! Why do you want to apply for our Tianyitang? Song Hao was surprised. That's what I said! This Shui Mingyang is a hot figure with an annual salary of at least one million dollars in any hospital in Europe and the United States. Said the river. Song Haofu sat down on the chair again and said blankly, "No, Tianyitang can't afford him now!" "This is also a strange place for me and President Jiang,plastic bulk containers, and we have confirmed his identity, which is undoubtedly Shui Mingyang himself." Tang Yu said. "The application is false, and I'm afraid it's to amuse us." Song Hao frowned. Or I'll let him go. Said the river.