Sin City Black Rock

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She can come to Zhang Yuhui's bath center, mainly recommended by other little sisters. She herself was very tired in the restaurant.

She can come to Zhang Yuhui's bath center, mainly recommended by other little sisters. She herself was very tired in the restaurant. I have to serve men after work every day. It's much more cost-effective to come here and serve men directly. After Yingying, Zhang Yuhui laughed and said loudly, "This fool!"! But Yingying's work is really good. Why don't I call her to serve you? "Farewell, Yuhui, I beg you to give me a fresh one." I quickly begged for mercy. All right, I'll give you a fresh one. Zhang Yuhui gave a hearty smile. If I don't have that worthless sense of justice in my heart, I think I will become a very iron brother with Zhang Yuhui. But on the side, I can't be bad to the bone. Zhang Yuhui is also a very charming person, and his brothers who have played with him will praise him for his good personality. No matter how much I hated him before, I have changed a lot about him now. This is a heroic man, and he really can't be hated. But just before this happened. After Zhang Yuhui promised to change a fresh product for me, he really asked someone to find a girl for me. As soon as I saw the girl, I was stunned, because the girl was really fresh. I stayed in the village for a year, and I knew many people in the village. The girl in front of us is also from our village. She not only lives in the same village with us, but also lives in the backyard of my grandmother's house. Her name is Li Bowen, and she is an honest girl who blushes when she says a word to a boy. Her honesty also follows her father, who is a loser who can't make a fart. I am too familiar with this girl, and I can assure you that she is fresh. It must be her first time, and she hasn't even been touched by a boy. At the moment, she is wearing a sexy uniform miniskirt and two thin black stockings. He lowered his head slightly and looked like I was picking. When I saw Li Bowen, I woke up completely. Suppressing my anger, I asked Li Bowen with a smile, "Wen Er, is your family very short of money?" Both Li Po-wen and I were called Wen'er. I was called Wen'er because I was always sick when I was a child. My grandmother found a fortune teller and said that I could live with a girl's nickname. Most of the villagers are superstitious, so they have this nickname. Because of this nickname, we often have misunderstandings. Whenever someone calls her Wen'er, I always think she is calling me. And when others called me, she couldn't help saying yes. Wen'er may be nervous. She didn't see me when she came in. When she heard my voice, she began to panic. She bit her lip and her eyes were filled with tears. She shook her head forcefully and begged me to say, "Brother Wen, don't tell my parents that I'm here." "Well, I won't say." Seeing that Zhang Yuhui sold such an honest girl, the anger in my heart was filled with another layer. Shangchang He Ji. Zhang Yuhui said that she had already left when she changed a fresh product for me, drum spill pallet ,collapsible pallet bin, and there were only two of us left in the private room. Looking at me, Wen began to shed tears. She closed the leaky door gently, then picked up a small box and put it on the bed. She took out a tube of lubricating oil from it, then took a small bag and tore it open. She took out something from it and cried to me, "Brother Wen, take off your pants and I'll serve you.". It's my first time, and I'm still a little scared. But I must do better for you. Can you not tell my parents? I was angry when I saw Wen, but I couldn't help roaring when I heard her say that. I really want to find Zhang Yuhui to ask him loudly and scold him loudly, "Are you careless, Zhang Yuhui?"! Is this how you mix in the society? But I didn't. Because Zhang Yuhui is our man, he also has a very strong team. Wen'er is just a victim of countless innocent girls. I can't afford to offend Zhang Yuhui. My mind was blank, and I just watched Wen's clumsy preparations. When she took the mineral water in her mouth with a disposable cup and half knelt in front of me, I felt something was wrong under her short skirt. Don't move. I stopped her gently and lifted her skirt. I couldn't help closing my eyes when I saw the picture under her skirt. I don't know how such a shy girl can endure such humiliation. With my eyes closed, I asked Wen Er with a smile, "Wen Er, would you like to do this kind of work?" "Yes.." Wen answered me softly. Willing? After listening to Wen's words, I opened my eyes and stared at her fiercely. Her eyes, however, were already red and swollen with tears. Because she has to be willing, she can't choose. Wen Er, I'll take you away. I thought about it and said to her. No, I'm not going. Here, very good.. "Wen er cried more sad, threw down the things in his hand to hide his face and cry.". Looking at the way Wen Er cried, I felt very uncomfortable. Is it a coincidence that I met a victimized girl so easily? Is it deliberate that such a sequel happened between me and her? No, it's because there are too many girls here who are forced to come. Even if I don't meet Wen Er, the next girl will still be like her. I am not a Bodhisattva who saves people in distress, and I can't meddle too much. I still have too many places to need Zhang Yuhui, so I will not offend Zhang Yuhui because of a text. Seeing that Wen said she liked it here, I smiled and nodded to her, "Well, since you like it here, you can stay.". I'm leaving.. "Brother Wen!"! Please take me away! I beg you, I don't want to stay here! When I was ready to walk out of the door, Wen suddenly grabbed my clothes and knelt down. PS: Eight o'clock in the next watch. Reading, a better reading experience. Chapter 164 black. One second to remember [Book Reading ÷ House], to provide you with wonderful reading. Being grabbed by Wen'er's clothes, my heart is also a sudden pain. Because I wanted to take Wen Er away, and I couldn't stand the girl in the backyard being bullied here. But when I asked her if she wanted to go with me,plastic pallet bins, she told me she didn't want to go. I was relieved, and I told myself that she didn't want to go. My confrontation with Zhao Feng also has a lot to do with Zhang Yuhui. I can't take her away. Impulse. It will only leave me alone. I have too many enemies and I need too many friends. I will get rid of Zhang Yuhui, but not now.